Rental of light commercial vehicles and flatbed lorries
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About S.A.C A/S

S.A.C is one of Denmark’s most flexible vendors of light commercial vehicles and flatbed lorries for the Danish business community. We have more than 1,000 vehicles on the roads – and big plans to grow. We provide both rental and leasing with great flexibility and low costs, as well as economies of scale and fleet management.

Since 2011, S.A.C has been run and owned by René Ubbesen and Henrik Offersen, both of whom have many years of sector experience. In 2015, an ownership share was sold to a US investor: JZ International. This agreement gave S.A.C sound financial ballast and enabled further expansion and growth in the Danish market – for the benefit of our customers, large and small alike.

A vehicle agreement with S.A.C is always customised to the individual company, prioritising the advantages available in either rental or leasing. And with the market’s fastest delivery – all the way down to 24 hours!

If you would like to know more about the business or our concept, please contact Henrik Offersen, (+45) 2280 6773, or René Ubbesen, (+45) 2067 6202.

If you have any special requests,
please phone us on (+45) 7220 7041
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