Rental of light commercial vehicles and flatbed lorries
Phone us on (+45) 7220 7041 between 7 am and 9 pm

Leasing information

If you want a custom-built vehicle, or if you know your work tasks well into the future, leasing a vehicle could be a sensible solution. Perhaps the best solution for you is a combination of rented and leased vehicles.

Contact our leasing department for a non-binding discussion of your fleet’s options.

Jesper Enkebølle
Jesper Enkebølle Leasing Advisor

+45 2559 3838

Søren Faber
Søren Faber Leasing Advisor

+45 2238 7030

Diana Kirk
Diana Kirk Leasing Advisor

+45 2242 2600

Mathias Sylvest
Mathias Sylvest Leasing Consultant

+45 2292 4600

Kamilla Enkebølle
Kamilla Enkebølle Leasing Consultant

+45 2274 4600

Jacob Albrechtsen
Jacob Albrechtsen Leasing Consultant

+45 2297 4600

Sebastian Brunse
Sebastian Brunse Leasing Consultant

+45 2272 4600

Lars Junior Steenholdt
Lars Junior Steenholdt Leasing Consultant

+45 2086 8676

Julie Norby
Julie Norby Leasing Consultant

+45 2281 4600

Morten Borella
Morten Borella Leasing Consultant

+45 3131 3199

René Ubbesen
René Ubbesen Managing Director / CEO

+45 2067 6202

Henrik Offersen
Henrik Offersen Managing Director / CEO

+45 2280 6773

If you have any special requests,
please phone us on (+45) 7220 7041
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