Rental of light commercial vehicles and flatbed lorries
Phone us on (+45) 7220 7041 between 7 am and 9 pm

Before you rent

S.A.C is one of the most specialised rental agencies for light commercial vehicles and flatbed lorries in Denmark. We give you the option of short-term rental down to one month – and the option of delivery within 24 hours. There is no down payment, and you can get the very vehicle that will meet your needs. Replace the vehicle so it matches the number of employees and tasks – month by month.

This ensures unsurpassed flexibility and makes you very competitive – all year round.

If you want to rent a vehicle for a longer period of time, if you have special requests for the vehicle configuration – or if you need fleet management, then give us a call on (+45) 7220 7041.


  • Modern new light commercial vehicle or flatbed lorry
  • Includes insurance, all service, winter tyres and replacement vehicle
  • No down payment and DKK 2,500 in start-up costs!
  • Select a vehicle to match your workforce and tasks. Replace the vehicle when it suits you
  • Month-to-month rental This gives you great flexibility – without extra costs

At S.A.C, you rent the vehicle for the period agreed with an agreed number of kilometres. Payment comprises the monthly rent, either with or without insurance and green motor-vehicle tax. The agreement always includes all service, winter tyres and a replacement vehicle if necessary. All you have to pay, in addition to the monthly payment, are expenses for fuel and any car washing. Return the vehicle at the end of the rental period. You do not have to pay for ordinary wear or depreciation. You can always extend or shorten a rental period, but the minimum rental period is one month.
S.A.C is your pathway to a new, practical commercial vehicle – and you can have it within 24 hours.

The rent is monthly and can be terminated on one month’s notice.

Søren Faber
Søren Faber Leasing Advisor

+45 2238 7030

Jesper Enkebølle
Jesper Enkebølle Leasing Advisor

+45 2559 3838

Diana Kirk
Diana Kirk Leasing Advisor

+45 2242 2600

Mathias Sylvest
Mathias Sylvest Leasing Consultant

+45 2292 4600

Kamilla Enkebølle
Kamilla Enkebølle Leasing Consultant

+45 2274 4600

Jacob Albrechtsen
Jacob Albrechtsen Leasing Consultant

+45 2297 4600

Sebastian Brunse
Sebastian Brunse Leasing Consultant

+45 2272 4600

Lars Junior Steenholdt
Lars Junior Steenholdt Leasing Consultant

+45 2086 8676

Julie Norby
Julie Norby Leasing Consultant

+45 2281 4600

Morten Borella
Morten Borella Leasing Consultant

+45 3131 3199

If you have any special requests,
please phone us on (+45) 7220 7041
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